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late bloomers
Artist: Madvillain
Song: All Caps
Album: Madvillainy
7 897 lectures
28 Juil 2014 1990 HP Reblog
Artist: Dudley Perkins
Song: Falling
Album: A Lil' Light
113 lectures
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Artist: Feist
Song: 1234
3 587 lectures

Sleepless long nights

That is what my youth was for

24 Juil 2014 446 HP Reblog
Artist: Fujifabric
Song: ブルー (Blue)
5 650 lectures

Ao Haru Ride - ED (Full Radio Ver.)

it’s 4 am and I’m screaming this song, frickin love it

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Artist: Shirley Ellis
Song: The Clapping Song
Album: Disco Beach Party 2
507 lectures


Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song

15 Juil 2014 33 HP Reblog
Artist: Lucy Rose
Song: Shiver
1 367 lectures


『SHIVER』 Song by Lucy Rose

Mushi-Shi 2nd Season Opening 

beautiful discovery tbh

13 Jui 2014 123 HP Reblog
Artist: Boa
Song: Duvet
Album: Serial Experiments Lain OST
29 077 lectures
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Artist: Madlib
Song: Stormy
Album: Shades Of Blue
239 lectures
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Artist: J Dilla
Song: Dillatroit
Album: Rebirth of Detroit
50 lectures


j dilla // dillatroit ft. supa emcee, nick speed, & guilty simpson.


08 mai 2014 8 HP Reblog
Artist: Common
Song: The Light
Album: Like Water for Chocolate
159 lectures


Common - The Light (Prod. By J Dilla)

killer song

08 mai 2014 34 HP Reblog

mmh if anyone can hit me up with a playlist or even just a couple of songs good for getting shit done I’d really appreciate it  

27 Avr 2014 1 HP Reblog
Song: Brynhildr in the Darkness Op
1 189 lectures


Brynhildr in the Darkness Opening Song

I’ve never seen an Anime with a no vocal opening, but this is awesome.

I have, but never a dubstep/electronic one like that ! pretty cool !!

13 Avr 2014 83 HP Reblog
Artist: Talking Heads
Song: Psycho Killer
3 709 lectures


Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

12 Avr 2014 1013 HP Reblog
Artist: Les Rita Mitsouko
Song: C'est Comme Ça
30 lectures


Les Rita Mitsouko - C’est Comme Ca 

I’ve been yelling that all night in tune (including this sentence)

18 Mar 2014 10 HP Reblog
Artist: The Roots
Song: Do You Want More?!!!??!
Album: Do You Want More?!!!??!
89 lectures


"Do You Want More?!!!??!"- The Roots 

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